Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tulelake Japenese Internment Camp Field Trip

WOW...what an Easter we had with the intercultural club. We had a great field trip to tule lake on the oregan/california border on sunday. We examined the small towns history and got to find out everything from the homesteads that brought our countries veterans there in the 50s all the way back to the lava beds that the indians used in the french/indian war of 1873 where the indians picked off and beat the french by hiding in those lava beds themselves (one of the few battles the indians won). But those were just side attraction to the main event being the japanese internment camp that held almost 20,000 people during WW2. This was one of americas most darkest and unjust moments as many innocent japenese american citizens were held against there own will in thoughts of what today would be modern day terrorist. This was a really interesting place to visit and I say this in hopes of others going out to tule lake and seeing the camp to understand our history and what not to allow or happen in the future again.

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